Thank You Supporters

Thank You

Bruce- Ruhl Design and the workers of LYL Coop Farm are greatly appreciative of the following people and organizations listed below for helping to ensure the success of this viable business model. If your name or organization appears on the list know that your help means not only a whole lot to us, but to the generations down the road that will be affected by this industry, and to our planet overall. As this business grows your names will forever remain here so that future generations of owners will see why the importance of strong community is central to this business. It would not have come into being without people of the community collectively doing their little parts in the framework of this vision. Again, Thank You.


All the property owners who have pledged property to be leased

The Nevada-Lidgerwood Neighborhood Council


Taylor Weech-Website set-up & Praxis radio show on KYRS


Pat Muntz- For taking the time to talk with us, answering all of our questions, and enthusiastically supporting this endeavor


Melanie & John R.- $100 Home Depot gift card


Larry K.- Small, broad spectrum seed bank box, much needed tools & advanced permaculture textbooks


Fungileon & family-seed donation, scatterable mix


Zach W.- Seed donation, Sepp’s ancient grain


Lisa P.– Seed donation, variety


Jon L.– $50 gift certificate for seed


G.S.- assisting with navigating the bureaucracy of neighborhood

council and community assembly; assisting with meeting key people; $50 donation and for enthusiastically supporting the success of this industry in any way that she can.


Ken Casler- podcast radio show on Bountiful Productions: Thinking Outside of the Box

Sept 2014 first interview at 4th INPC:

February 2015 followup  broadcast:


Jasmine– youtube video promo short



The City of Spokane and following officials: Ben Stuckart, Mike Taylor, Mike Warner, Heather Trautman, Juliet Sinisterra, Terry Stripes, Tirell Black-For taking the time to talk with us and answering all of our questions, showing us how to use the city’s various data bases, and enthusiastically supporting this endeavor.


Anonymous Donor- weekly donation of a bag of aluminum cans which are repurposed as bricks into building walls for our farm


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