Other Cities

We appreciate your interest in replicating the LYL Coop Farm vision and model. It is a goal of Bruce-Ruhl Design to see this farm model propagated in as many municipalities as possible. Small towns that are 500 persons or larger (up to 8,000) in population can take part in Farm Town USA, the LYL Coop business model tailored for those regions and their resources.

To take part, have the appropriate department or representative send an email to bruce.ruhldesign@gmail.com with a brief statement of your food and economic needs (and please be brief…just the facts), contact info, and the best time to call for a meeting. We prefer phone conversations, as much as possible, to electronic communication so topic content is not misunderstood, as has been the case in the past. The subject of the email should be “Farm Replication in (name of your city)”. Once we receive the email we will be in touch as soon as possible. This is how to start, with the seed of a conversation. We look forward to conversing with you soon.


Hoorah, We have our first partner city!

A fellow visionary permaculturalist and human being by the name of Yongo Wycliff is going to be receiving our information packet complete with designs, ideas and trouble shooting of how to create a Lease Your Lawn Cooperative Farm in Kitale, Kenya! We met Yongo over the internet and have skyped, enjoying one anothers conversation. In gratuity for his effort to repeat this model where he lives, we will shamelessly plug a vision of his that he is putting into action.

It is called S.H.A.R.E and you can find it at:




Help us, to support him, to support us, together making a better world for everybody.



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  1. Sudhiranajn

    Forty six principles are far more than the original proposed by Bill Mollison.Can you please tell us what the 46 principles are ?

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