Job Seekers

Thank you for your interest in helping to grow this farm. In the following section will be the explanation of what the job description is and what to expect initially. This may be the first time this type of business model has been presented to you and we understand a little adjustment may be needed for some.

LYL Coop Farm is structured to be a co-operatively owned and operated business. That means every person working for the company is an owner and shares equally in voting power and allotted profits. There will be two departments initially, the labor body and the design team, with the design team set to be eventually absorbed into the labor force as a whole. However during the first few years the two bodies will derive their earnings separately in accordance to the Net Profit Breakdown table displayed in the Show Me The $$$ section.

As with most co-operatives, there is a buy-in. Here the buy-in is your time, sweat equity, building the business… literally. All hours worked are recorded as with a regular job and these count toward your equity into the company. The people who get involved with the labor body early on get to help set the number of hours needed for the buy-in those who become involved after it is solidly established will need. Just being very clear on this point, no earnings are anticipated, at all, until next year. Because permaculture designers not only have to lead the build crews to implement the designs they create, they also have to schedule homeowner meets, do the designs, and present, they get paid out of a separate slice from the whole. Over time, as more of the labor body becomes certified in permaculture design (the end goal) the separate slice for designers will eventually be assimilated into the slice for the labor body as the two departments become one.

Labor body people need to be physically fit, able to lift at least 50 lbs, be teachable, should be able to ride a bike, and have a basic hand-tool operators-license (ha, ha). Part of the company policy is to have a zero-carbon footprint, which means bio-power as much as possible. Not to worry about biking or walking to work, as it will be in the same neighborhood where you live most of the time.

Here is a great opportunity to also learn how this type of business is governed, especially with everybody getting an equal vote and part in the decision-making processes. This means everybody! There is no hierarchal power structure as with businesses we are used to. Everybody takes turns in operational management to make sure the mundane stuff gets done, but that’s all managers do: manage. Most importantly…you work for yourself as an owner of a business that feeds your city.

Want to become involved? Here’s how:

Send an email to and put “labor body” in the subject box if you are interested in working. In the email write ONLY:

-Your name.

-The neighborhood you reside in.

-A good time of the day in which to contact you.

-Attach a copy of a resume with cover letter and send. You will be contacted if the positions in your neighborhood or one close-by are still open. Qualifying applicants will be contacted in the order received.

If you are a permaculture designer then put “permaculture design” in the subject box and follow the instructions for the “labor body”. In addition to the resume and cover letter, please attach a copy of your design certification for verification.


Thank you again for your interest.

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