Angel Supporters

LYL Coop Farm appreciates your interest in being an angel benefactor. Here are some of the immediate ways we are able to receive contributions to support the farm.

Contractors looking to lighten their waste loads from either demolition or new construction should send their contact information to as we would like to network with you to repurpose these materials. In working with us through this means gives you the credit and knowledge that these repurposed materials are going in to support a necessary industry.

Donations: Spokane LYL Coop Farm will gladly take donation of seed (edible plant seed only, please), tools (hand tools preferred, no gas powered) and store gift cards (NW Seed and Pet, Lowes, Home Depot ect.)

Please send to:

LYL Coop Farm

C/O Bruce-Ruhl Design

1607 W Main Avenue

Spokane, WA 99201

For those who wish to support with a cash donation, please use a pre-loaded Visa or MasterCard-backed gift card. This will make the ability to get an account summary of card expenditures available if necessary for the purposes of transparency and oversight.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS IS NOT A NON-PROFIT OR CHAIRITY, BUT AN INDUSTRY IN IT’S INFANCY AND GROWING. We do not have the ability to make donations tax deductable and we would hope you would consider it a good faith investment to the betterment of humanity.

Thank You for Being an Angel Supporter.


Spokane LYL Coop Farm

Bruce-Ruhl Design

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