Designer Biographies

Elf (Daniel Bruce)

Elf is a pacific northwest native, born in Portland and raisedLYLbiopicElf throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. He was introduced to permaculture through his friend and teacher, Larry Kulick, who encouraged him to take a design course. In 2012, then again in 2015, he took the opportunity to take Michael Pilarski’s PDC in Spokane. After learning the scientific concepts of permaculture design methods he proceeded towards a full academic study of permaculture design and its application as his work. In August of 2012, he co-founded Bruce-Ruhl Design, a permaculture design firm and think-tank, with Margaret Ruhl who shares his passion. Currently, Bruce-Ruhl Design is implementing a business model they created as well as producing several television series. His hobbies include: world permination, watching Carl Sagan lectures on youtube, studying the Gifford lectures, and continuing education towards his degree in Everyology with a specialization in Permacology, this is all when not engaging in permaculture piracy with Margaret.

Margaret Ruhl

Margaret was raised in Seattle. She was introduced permaculture LYLBiopicMadgewhile on a Girl Scout trip at Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica in 2007. In 2012, then again in 2015, she was certified in Micheal Pilarski’s PDC and pursued its application in more than the conventional. In August 2012, she co-founded Bruce-Ruhl Design, a permaculture design firm and think-tank with Elf (Daniel Bruce) who shares her joy in creating and respect for the natural world. She is also a full time student at WSU studying nutritional chemistry and exercise physiology, to compliment her overall studies in Everyology.  Her hobbies include, when not pursuing world permination with Elf: observing physics in society, playing fetch with her dog Calidonia, picnics, bike rides, music and video production, biodigesters, planting seeds and drinking clean water.

Just a quick note: Elf and Margaret, in adherence to the seven generations law, like to say, “We work for THE baby.” Which baby? Every baby, around the world.

Ethan Nilsson

Ethan grew up near a small but vibrant college and agriculturalLYLbiopicEthan town on a small farm. His parents are both veterinarians and he learned a lot about animal husbandry and basic vet care from them. Him and his family are learning about pasture management and non chemical weed management. Currently he works for a construction company in Moscow, Idaho, and am a certified shovel operator. While most of my farming and gardening experience is largely based on rural areas, he’s excited to work with urban farms and try to figure out solutions for urban food deserts.

Bill Colvin

Bill Colvin was born in Washington to a military family and has lived in eight places, six of which he remembers the climate for (west and central Texas, western Washington, northern Virginia, Pullman, and now Spokane). Bill has long been an avid learner of anything science, leading to a general respect for Creation aDSCN2499 (2)nd interest in health, ecology, and sustainability. Since 2010 he has considered shoes to be tools and his reasons for wearing or not wearing them are the same as for gloves. He first heard about Permaculture in early 2014 and was immediately hooked, taking Geoff Lawton’s online PDC in spring of 2015. He found and joined LYL Co-op Farm in late May, 2016, and will be attending Spokane Community College starting in September for (mostly) horticulture. He is excited to engage in Earth repair and community building by improving your quality of life.

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