Vision Statement

The vision of Lease Your Lawn Cooperative Farm (L.Y.L. Coop Farm) is to firmly establish an economic stabilizing, high quality, low cost, zero-carbon transport, locally grown farm inside city limits, eventually including eggs, freshwater-food, and various poultry meats. In addition to establishing a multi-million dollar, carbon-negative green industry, this will also be a business that operates with the principle of the distribution of wealth (resources) throughout the community as one of its guides, further demonstrating the impact capabilities of permaculture design methods.

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Goals Statement

The goal of LYL Coop Farm is to convert 100 properties of at least 800 sq ft within the 27 neighborhoods in Spokane, creating a 49 ½ acre farm, that will co-operatively employ 3,000 persons, with a target average production yield equal to $125 per year per square foot, growing a $270 million or more local neighborhood agribusiness. Show me the money!

*NEW* Pics of Standard of Liberty (Aug `17)

*NEW* Pics of Dirty Yeti Goes Green (Aug `17)

Pics of Peacock in Egypt (Aug ’15)

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1st City to Replicate: Kitale, Kenya

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Thank you for your interest in this type of farming industry. Creating this industry model has been an exciting journey of rediscovery, knowing this is how food was grown in the not too distant past, coupled with the thrill of trying something new in the form of a for-profit co-operative, decentralized, urban farm. Those who are currently working to help make this vision come alive take pride in knowing they are doing their part to answer the national and local calls for solutions to solve the climate and economic crises. How about you?

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  1. Mutebi aramadhan

    This great, teaching u how to fish is better than giving u fish , need that training brother

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